Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Milla my choice?
Because Milla was created by people like you.
At first we wanted to make the mill for us and our families to feed ourselves better, according to Nature’s laws. We listened to our inner voice and found the way to process the grains properly. Now, you can also enjoy wholesome and good food that you can prepare yourself at home.

Because Milla is a device that takes care of my health.
Preparing our flour by ourselves at home, we will not only have fresh, tasty and aromatic flour, but we will be sure of its composition and quality. The most important ingredient of whole grain flour, ground with a home stone mill, is not the fiber coming from the seed coat but the embryo. This part of the grain is being removed from the commercial flour to increase the shelf life of the end product. And this is where the enzymes, vitamins and the "life" of the future plant are concentrated.

Because Milla is gentle and precise.
The home mill has stones of natural mineral corundum. They are not large but are effective in grinding flour from different grains. The process is short and therefore the temperature of the flour is not raised during grinding. Flour stays alive, fresh and smells good. According to your desire, Milla would make coarse or fine flour. It's so easy - just twist the upper cover of the mill within the scale and tighten it. And your desire is fulfilled.

Because Milla is of high quality, well-crafted and it will serve me for many years.
The most important part - the stone - is extremely robust! A corundum piece with diameter of 90mm will mill flour for a whole lifetime! The precise assembly of the mill ensures long life and reliability. Equipped with a powerful motor Milla will not stop by any firm grain, and will turn it into fluffy dust even if it is a corn, rice or chickpeas. It's not a joke that someday your grandchildren would make flour with the same mill that you bought!

Because Milla is modern, convenient and environment friendly.
Milla will fit every modern kitchen with its unique design. In the oval shape is hidden a powerful motor, that will turn grains into flour in a few minutes, just enough for a big bread. Natural materials used for making the body - linden solid wood, natural varnishes and resins to impregnate - are in line with our understanding of natural way of life. The closer to nature we are, the better!

Because Milla is a wise investment.
We all know the saying "The cheap comes out twice as much expensive." By creating our Milla mills, we were guided by the idea of having the device for a lifetime. And it seems that if we exploit the mill with a care of good master and we feed it with grain clear of stone particles, it would be capable to work for years on end, even for generations. What’s more inexpensive than that? This is a mill that our children would use too.
2. How is Milla made?
3. What kind of seeds and grains can I mill with Milla?
4. What will happen if I put inappropriate seeds?
5. How do I clean the stones of my mill?
6. Does the temperature of the flour increase while milling?
7. Can the mill overheat?
8. How fast is the mill?
9. How wet can be the seed that is to grind with Milla mill?
10. How long can you grind with mills and press Milla?
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