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Milla is a trademark for the Bulgarian stone mills and flakes presses. The name Milla contains the English word mill, and the name has the meaning of a tender and kind lady who is ready to take care of the most important meal according to the Bulgarian tradition - the bread on our table.

Change your life, start taking care of your health in a proper way! And your health starts from the table. Domestic stone mills and presses will deliver you fresh, aromatic whole grain flour or flakes, with quality and contents controlled by yourself.

Forget about industrial prepared food and commercially milled flour! They are preserved and do not deliver you the energy and nutrients necessary for the proper and natural functioning of the human body. Health is easier with good helpers in the kitchen!
Milla is one of them!

Elegant design     Natural materials      Durability and strength in every detail

About Milla Brand

Milla  - a perfect choice for small stone mill for homemade wholegrain flour
Milla Flaker - a pressing machine for fresh flakes from your seeds and grains

We have created Milla brand from our heart and with great knowledge of healthy eating that we have accumulated over the years of searching for the right way for healthy living. We have devoted long time on research and development of all products we offer.

We create modern products that embrace the ancient tradition of making flour at every home, and we believe that we can help many people return to the nutritious and natural way of making bread and other cereals. In modern times, industrialization shifts the focus from the natural way of eating and natural human health towards profits, and hence the prolongation of food shelf-life when in stores. This is how the modern consumer gets preserved and excessively packed "food," we better say eating or calories, but not a living food for your body cells.

Led by our goal to offer appliances for healthy nutrition, we have invented Milla mills and we strive to improve their functionality and design, based on the feedback we receive from customers throughout Europe. Our focus is to offer ease, convenience and lasting durability with Milla appliances. We select 100% Bulgarian, natural materials of highest quality, which we handle with great care and predominantly in a manual process, in order to obtain a high-quality mill, with stylish design for a long life. We guarantee that every appliance branded Milla has gone under quality check and we are proud of the good quality witnessed. We are highly appreciated not only by our customers in Europe, but also in other countries around the world and beyond the ocean.

Use your Milla mill and flaker every day and enjoy a healthy and happy life for the whole family!
Milla Mills

History of the electric home stone mill

People have ground their grains and they have been using flour for preparing bread and cereal since ancient times. In order to crush grains to fine flour, people have used a variety of techniques that we will not talk about here - these are well known. But you probably do not know how it came to create the modern version of a small domestic stone mill.

The story is almost a legend. In the years after the Industrial Revolution and after the discovery of the electric motor, high performance industrial mills improved significantly. Thanks to this, the millers were offering finer flour and more and more white. People enjoyed soft and delicious bread. Even the consumption of white bread was considered a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing. As early as the 1950s, white bread spread widely in Germany and other European countries.

Then a little-known German dentist took a look at the cause of the massive teeth caries spread among children and young Germans. For many years he has studied the causes of caries. And finally, he realized that the cause was in the bacterial environment that develops in the plaque accumulated on the teeth, he came to the conclusion that, with the loss of dietary habits in the richer German families, caries appeared more often. The dentist found that the more white bread people consume, the more they suffer from caries.

The solution to the problem was to revert back to eating bread from wholegrain flour. So he started in and invented a small mill with natural stone meant to be used at home. His ingenious contribution is that for the first time an electric motor is being introduced into a small-sized mill that grinds the grains with stones.

After explaining to his patients how they could have a stronger teeth, he easily convinces them to return to the healthy tradition they have forgotten and start preparing their bread by themselves at home by grinding grains. Whole wheat flour contains all the bran and those grain layers that act as a delicate abrasive and do not allow starch and gluten to adhere to the enamel. Thus, from a dentist, the German inventor turned into a small mills maker.

His success was quickly noticed by other entrepreneurs in Germany, and so in the 1960s and 1970s there were many producers of small domestic stone mills. The production of home grinders was developed by several families, which offer models till nowadays with the highest quality, unique design and high price. This is why, at present, companies with a long tradition are operating in Germany, producing luxury, small electric stone mills for domestic use.

How was Milla created?

At first, we just wanted to have fresh and pure flour to cook truly healthy bread. We were looking for such flour in the shops, but there was still a doubt about the flour contents in the package. We understand that in order to be sure of the origin and purity of the grain, we will have to select it by ourselves and then grind it into flour yet by ourselves. So we needed a mill. And not to grind flour twice a year, but every week, even every day. We knew about the imported mills, but they seemed expensive to us. And we decided to make ours, a better and more accessible one. So after a few samples, there appeared something that made flour. We show off to our friends, and they were so excited that they wanted to have the mill at home. That's how we’ve got our first orders. This happened in 2009.

We wanted to share our creation with more people and that inspired us most. Thanks to the feedback from customers, we managed to clear some shortcomings and get to what Milla is today. On our way we have been supported by the families of our clients, by small shops and even by large agricultural companies. Milla thanks all of you for the love you bring us!

We believe that you will find useful information in this Milla website about mills and home-made flour, bread and delicious meals made of wholegrain flours!
Quality mills and grain presses for a healthier and longer life

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