How to choose the right home stone mill?

The proposed video reviews 3 models of home stone mills, one German and two Bulgarian, and the aim is to consider their advantages and disadvantages. This would help in choosing a grinder for home use.
The video shows how to prepare wholemeal flour with each of the selected models and an evaluation of the quality of performance and work of each one of them is done. Our recommendation for purchase, a good balance of quality product and reasonable price, is the home stone mill with Milla brand. The test in the video showed good and finely ground flour, quiet and fast work of the appliace.
▸ KoMo Fidibus Medium mill - price BGN 689.00, warranty: 12 years, made in Germany
▸Bulgarian Milla mill - price BGN 490.00. warranty: 6 years
▸Cheap mill - price BGN 330, warranty: 2 years
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